Thursday, March 29, 2007

Four months old and...

...addicted to t.v.! Okay, so we never plunk him down in front of the t.v. on his own, and he's far better entertained by his toys and books, but I've often caught him glued to the tube - like when I try to burp him on my shoulder if I'm up in our bedroom and the t.v. is on, he'll twist his head enough to be able to see the t.v. reflection in the mirror, as his back is to the t.v. itself. And with big screens especially, he is fascinated with the colour and action that the t.v. has to offer. Anyhow, I just thought I'd post a picture of it.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen that TV stare! I hope you don't mind that I've actually tried to take advantage of Isaiah's addiction while babysitting. A London Knights game on our big screen TV totally captivates and helps make little Isaiah forget that his Mommy isn't nearby. Hey! Whatever it takes!
XO Grandma Froggy