Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tummy Time Bad, Lunch Time Good

Despite my persistent efforts, Isaiah continues to detest time spent on his tummy. He typically lasts for a few minutes before the lip curls, the whimpering begins and he's had it. No matter how many toys I put in front of him and how long I spend on the floor with him, trying my best to encourage the position, Isaiah hates it. To be honest, he's already becoming a baby with preferences. Rarely does he let you sit and hold him, unless the t.v. is playing soccer or hockey in which case he directs his attention there rather than contorting to shove his fists in his hands. You need to be up and walking for him to be happy as his favourite position is to be upright on your shoulder (though try walking back from OLI carrying him in such a way because he has grown tired of being in the baby carrier and is about to have a hissy fit... that was fun). And forget trying to rock him to sleep (though that may be his underlying way of telling me to stop singing); he much prefers lying down all on his own so he can stretch out and get his hands in the "pornstar" position (sorry, but that's just what we call it). His arms must be bent in order for his hands to be up at his ears for him to be truly comfortable. For now, he's a sleep-on-my-back-only type kid. He's still able to support himself when he is on his tummy, despite rarely finding himself so, and has always been incredibly strong so he can lift his head well; however, I am certain he will be walking before crawling.

On the other hand, he is doing an excellent job of eating his rice cereal for lunch. In fact, he ravishingly devours every last spoonful in a matter of 5 minutes. I'm likely going to up the cereal feeds to two a day and then it will be on to single veggies. Yesterday, thankfully, he made it on 4 hour feeds all day, something he has never done with me because he senses his meal within immediate proximity! He is still not making it through the night; actually, he has gotten worse in the past month (though I'm attributing it to the possibility that teeth will surface shortly). At any rate, if he could sleep like he can eat, I'd be set. For now, it's sometimes a 6 hour stint to start, but then back into the 3 or 4 hour pattern typical of daytime. As long as he's sleeping at night when I go back to work... (knock on wood).

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