Thursday, December 3, 2009

Honest and Candid

Sometimes I wish I could get honest and candid with my writing on here sometimes, but I'm reluctant to turn this into more of an online diary. I know I'd regret many of the things I'd be honest and candid about, as much of what irks me or frustrates me - and fuels the want to vent - are also things that I just need to work through independently. They're likely best left unsaid for various reasons as well. And I'm not sure why sometimes there are moments that there seem to be more things that irk me than not, but unless I decide otherwise, I'll just have to work them out in my head for now.

I do want to mention two peculiar things that came about since my last post:

1) Isaiah pooped in the potty!! (I can't believe that is something I'm so proud to note, but it's progress. He totally didn't mean to, it was happening before he knew it, but he was so happy that we reacted so positively that I'm hoping it happens again soon! Oh that I have to go through potty training two more times...)

2) After claiming my boys to be amazing (which they still are), two of them had two consecutive bad days immediately following that post. I should have knocked on wood.

Anyhow, back to my distraction - my boys - from the things that are troubling me! Must be since I'm soon to turn 30... yikes! I'll blog about THAT later!!