Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're Back!

Well, the life of a full time English teacher full time mom full time commuter hasn't afforded me any time to maintain my blog, so first my apologies for my complete abandonment. But we're back in action... until I go back to work after this last leave, that is. But let's not think about that right now, I'm not even technically done this school year (although I see very little point in me having to come to work tomorrow besides the fact that I HAVE to). But the end is in sight...
So where to begin? There's ever so much to catch up on, so it's somewhat overwhelming to decide how to start off this blog. Well, maybe some of you noticed - those that weren't privy to this information before - that we're expecting our third son late August/early September due to the addition of my pregnancy countdown... though I suppose you'd have had to scroll down to the bottom to find that! Anyhow, we are indeed pregnant again, and we'll have 3 under 3 for a few months. All's well with this pregnancy - same old hat. I'm glad to be finishing work now thanks to timing, though - I can't imagine working until my due date as I did with the previous pregnancies. I don't know if it's because this one is so low or that this is the third and my body never returned to its natural 'state' between pregnancies so my muscles are stretched beyond recognition at this point, but this one is definitely feeling kind of uncomfortable. Anyhow, we're into the last trimester, so it's now a matter getting the boys into one room together and digging out the baby stuff from the basement again.
As for the other two boys - well four, if you count Greg and the dog - they're great. They've grown and changed so much since the last post, but as I'm typing at school I've no pictures to load at the moment to help you visualize the changes in them. So I'll save updating them in particular until I have a moment at home to do so.
Which may be awhile. We're headed to African Lion Safari on Saturday and then I'm off with the two little ones to Haliburton to relax at the cottage for a week or so. Some well deserved vacation for all of us. Other summer plans are finally doing our driveway - we bought the paving this week - and the boys are going to be taking swimming lessons in August as well. But otherwise, we're just going to likely have some 'us' time. Teaching really took that away from me with all the marking I had to do on the weekends.
So, I think I'm going to try to find a way to beat the heat (did I mention I teach in a school with no air conditioning?). I will catch you up on everything else at some point soon!