Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

I did it, I survived. My exams are marked, report card comments written, marks transferred, failure forms filled out (much to my dismay), personal belongings packed and home (just in case this spring proves successful in my attempt to transfer)... now it's just a matter of delivering a baby. I managed the stress of everything else, though sacrificed my thumb nails as I wrestled with staples, but I can't say I'd like to do it again any time soon.

Not to complain, because I know your first thoughts will be that we teachers get 2 months off in the summer, but if you knew what I went through the last few days - marking 32 grade 11 exams, 22 grade 12 exams, and 25 grade nine exams (all of which had an essay component, I might add), plus 25 character analysis essays as well as generating comments - all in a span of 48 hours while watching my 14 month old son - you'd leave that thought to stir in your head, I'd hope. Because I did all of that unpaid, I might add (not that I'm looking for credit, but sometimes people don't realize what teaching entails). Although I couldn't have done it without the help of my parents, all of whom took turns watching Isaiah for some time over the weekend so that I could focus on getting my work done.

And so done I am, in more than one sense (although Braylon doesn't agree - he's hoping to show up on SuperBowl Sunday, I suspect). I must say it is quite relaxing to think I've really very little to do for an entire year now, save for spending all my time with my sons! Although (thanks to my anal retentiveness and nesting inclinations, as well as my what-can-I-do-to-keep-my-mind-off-the-fact-that-I've-yet-to-deliver thoughts), I've kept myself busy thus far cleaning the house and making sure things will carry on in my absence of 3 days should Braylon make an appearance. (Any day now, buddy.)

And of course I've been glad to be back home with Isaiah full time, even if that means changing dirty diapers and dealing with his new-found ability to throw temper tantrums (and so what will the terrible twos have in store for us?!). I love my job (even if it means having to go through the end-of-semester stress 2 times a year), but I love being home with my family even more. He's definitely coming into his own, and I look forward to seeing how he'll deal with being a big brother! It's going to be a huge adjustment!

So, hopefully you next read that I've delivered a healthy baby boy (who, at this point, is likely to be just as large as was Isaiah, since he's getting extra time in the "oven")... stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy Bee

Hi all,

Still here... beyond busy, but still here. I'm 2 days to d-day (though probably not actually d-day, since Isaiah was 10 days late) and wishing it would be any day, but thinking realistically it won't be. Still working - yes, I'm crazy. I was 2+ hours coming home yesterday thanks to horrid traffic on the 401 (anyone driving Ingersoll through Putnam will know exactly what I mean - we were completely stopped for what felt like forever), and am trying to finish up the semester because originally that seemed like a good idea for so many reasons (so many of which have been usurped by other reasons for not working any longer). Hence being busy; if you know anything about teaching, you know it's a busy time of year for secondary school teachers, finishing up the semester. Now add the 40-weeks pregnant factor to that, and the fact that I'm full time English. (Sorry, James, but being a phys. ed. teacher is pretty appealing at this point, and I know you get a lot of jokes about it all but the work load does pale in comparison). But I know, I can't really rant... I did it to myself.

I didn't think, however, I'd also be so sick. I've caught my third bout of illness since Christmas, and this one is hanging on for dear life (so part of me is thankful I've not begun labour becaue I'd like to be able to breathe through the delivery). I've actually not had a voice for a week now (again, adding difficulty to the task of teaching), and I've had that dry, irritating, tickling cough for just as long (and a pussy eye come night, red and itchy come day, if you must know, but that's a few too many details, I think). Trying to kick this one has been tough, likely because I'm drained, stressed, and 40 weeks pregnant. Yes, I know, I'm trying to take it easy... I'm home sick today, in fact, and though I've a pile of marking, I haven't touched it yet (and it's nearly 1 p.m.).

Anyhow, I didn't really come on here to vent... I just wanted to update you on the lack of news our way, since most of you have been wondering. I'll likely not post again until we've news, so stay tuned! Back to bed for me...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! It's taken me awhile to blog, despite other facets of procrastination (I'm in serious avoidance of the huge pile of marking I inevitably need to finish upon my return to work in 1/2 a week), as it's already well into January 2nd and I'm only now wishing you a Happy New Year! We didn't celebrate with the first baby of the new year, even though that was the one thing I asked for for Christmas, and I'm not entirely sure we'll greet this little guy until the due date anyway (I was hopeful in that this one would come 10 days early, instead of 10 days late like Isaiah). He actually has been making me pretty uncomfortable lately, and until today gave us cause for concern because neither of the two doctors I've seen in clinic lately were able to tell if he was head down. But I had an ultrasound this afternoon to confirm the position, and he is infact turned the right way (though he must have some strong hands because all of the movement is very low).

Anyhow, besides waiting for baby and ignoring my marking, the holidays have been low-key. Thanks to my mom and Greg, Isaiah's new room is almost ready to go. Mom is at present painting coat #2 and this weekend Greg will assemble his car bed. So transitioning to childhood is going to come quickly for him, as he'll have a big boy bed and a new room that I'm hoping to arrange before the end of the weekend. And then I suppose I'd best pack a hospital bag and sort out the difference between Isaiah's stuff and stuff we'll reuse for the new baby!

So here's hoping I blog more often in 2008 - I started off well in 2007, but I tend to get too busy! Plus with our computer dilemma over the holidays, I've sort of been anti-technology! But I'll try to keep you all updated on the happenings in the Rebelo family, especially our new addition, whenever he decides to join us!