Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Untraditional Christmas

Well, we've definitely had a Christmas out of the ordinary here so far. I spent Christmas Eve in the hospital, not for a baby related reason, but because I was the sickest I have ever been in my life (I will spare you the details, but those of you who suffered the same fate... sorry, mom, your attempt to food poison us didn't work :)... you know what I'm talking about). I had to have 2L of IV and a nice shot of gravol in the "hip." Thankfully I was released Christmas morning, though Isaiah missed out on our intended plans to have Christmas together at home. Thankfully he'll still too young to remember.

Anyhow, feeling better enough to be up and whatnot today, though I've spent much of it sleeping and still haven't had much to eat or drink - sorry, docs, I'm making every effort to take small sips as you ordered, but I've had all of a glass of Sumol yesterday and some water and a small cup of orange juice this morning. Can't say this is what I envisioned for my holidays, that's for sure.

The other unexpected deal was the complete and utter death of our hard-drive, and having lost my USB just before Christmas at school means I've lost all my school work that I spent tons of time over the summer creating. I've got hard copies in my binders, but now if I ever need to go back and redo something, I'll have to redo the whole thing. Plus we lost what music we'd put on since April, which isn't that big of a deal, and then unfortunately about 3-4 months worth of pictures, because I'd yet to save them. That was a task I was going to do over the holidays. So that sucks.

Anyhow, I didn't really mean for this to turn into a rant, so I'm going to end this on a better note. What I do like about Christmas, food poisoning/bug catching aside, is being able to get together with family and friends and spend some quality time together. We had some great laughs, mostly as the girls were kicking the boys' butts at board games or playing Guitar Hero and such, and made some fond memories, and those can't be lost on a computer. Thanks to everyone for your generosity in gift giving as well, even the new baby was spoiled - and he isn't even born yet (despite my order for a Boxing Day deliver... though the day is not through). Anyway, off to make some more memories as Christmas isn't really done. Until next time...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Surprisingly, the weather forecast was right on target for once, as we woke up to a winter wonderland, as predicted. And it hasn't let up yet. I'm thankful it is Sunday, because having to wake up and drive an hour's commute to work in this would not have been in the least bit enjoyable. In fact, I don't think it would have been possible, as our road is still not plowed out (and it's after 1 p.m.). Thankfully Greg's uncle Tony came to plow out our laneway, though I suspect it may be just as full by evening as, with very little protection due to a lack of trees, we've got both the falling snow and wind to contend with in our neighbourhood. That, and once they do finally get to our road, the plow will fill in the end of the laneway fairly full, I'm sure.

I did make the most of the wintery morning to test out Isaiah's sled from last Christmas once the driveway was semi-clear. Despite disliking the blast of snow in the face from the north, he quite enjoyed being outside this go-round (we tried it last year in weather like this and lasted outside all of 3 minutes, perhaps). His boots are still a little big, but he looked so cute bundled up in his snow suit. And I couldn't help but laugh at Raider having to jump through the snow in the backyard when we let him out this morning, because the snow was up past his legs.

But it has made my normal tendency to procrastinate marking worse (why I continue to leave it to Sunday is beyond me), as now that Isaiah is down for an afternoon nap, I much prefer taking in the snowfall that has yet to let up and watching my neighbour kids try to snowboard down the pile of snow (that's about the biggest "mountain" you'll get in Strathroy anyway).
We've really had a low-key December so far, to be honest, and Sundays around here are pretty typical: Greg watches football (though I'm not convinced watches conveys what it's actually like...), I get around to marking some English, eventually... Raider takes long siestas, and both of us watch Isaiah get in to just about everything, which has become worse since his new found ability to walk. For the longest time he was taking 4 or 5 steps, giving up and crawling the remainder of the distance, but just last week he began to motor.
Actually, last weekend we found it pretty funny that he could drive himself around the house on his motorized bike (by pushing down the button the handle - although he also didn't realize he had to let go, and would continue trying to ride it through walls, or whatever had obstructed his path), but really couldn't walk from A ot B. But now he's up and walking much of the time. I can only imagine what it will be like trying to chase him around when I'm nursing a newborn... although it's getting difficult as it is with this belly. Ahh the last leg... definitely down to the uncomfortable stage and wondering when this little guy will make his appearance!
Anyhow, not all weekends are uneventful. We did take him skating last Saturday, though by we I mean he coasted around the ice on a lap of luxury - my eight month preggo belly - while Greg stood at the boards and watched. Were it not for the fact that I can actually skate (though I'm going to have a hard time returning to compete with two years off from these back to back pregnancies), I think people would have been concerned that a preggo was carrying around a little boy on the ice. Actually, Greg did buy him some skates of his own that morning, but they're far too big. Anyway...
And we've had a few Christmas parties thus far as well, which I always enjoy this time of year. I hate that they tend to fall at the same time, such as last Saturday, when we fit in three in one day. But it's great to see friends and spend time with family, especially so we gals can compare pregnancies - and bellies!! And thus begins the festive season (though for me it means having to mark two classes worth of essays plus Gr. 12 ISPs because I need to stay on top of things should I go early this time).
So perhaps I should suck it up and pull out the assignments and the good 'ole red pen. I just figured an update was in order, and what better day to do it than this. Now if only I could get around to my Christmas cards... sorry everyone, but they may not show up this year!