Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halfway into September already are we?

I've no real reason to write, though I admit to feeling I've in many ways abandoned my blog. Don't get me wrong, things are happening here. No, Braylon isn't eating his vegetables (or fruit, for that matter) yet, but our days are always filled with this and that. And I'm well aware that I should be recording some of those memories (especially on our video camera, which I've rarely used since having kids and regret not doing so simply because I haven't captured those moments... which I try to write about on here at times), but I've just been trying to be with the boys as much as possible, since I'm on the tail end of my maternity leave. Not that it's nearly over, but you know how times flies. Soon enough we'll be well into fall, then the first snow will fall, Christmas will be upon us, Greg & I will be off to Mexico and back, and then I'll be commuting to Woodstock once again. It's inevitable.

So for now it's playing with the boys. Isaiah, now that his language has come along, is working on colours and counting. I know I should also be doing crafts with him, so he can begin to learn cutting and pasting besides his "cull-ies" (that's what he calls colouring... you really have to speak Isaiah to know what he's saying at times), but neither he nor I like a mess!! I'm kidding, although you should see him, actually, as he is more clean and neat than am I, which is hard to imagine. He's always telling you this is a mess or this is dirty and needs to be cleaned, and he loves to sweep and swiffer. He even tries to help me fold the laundry, although it's more to throw it out of the basket faster so he can push the basket around the floor. He's been stringing sentences together too, and his favourite these days (thank god we've moved on past "I do") is "I funny." He gets a real kick out of that! It ultimately becomes funny when he says it over and over again, and he laughs hysterically at himself... and we can't help but to laugh as well. He is such a ham! We're seeing some slight headway made in potty training too, as he has gone once a day for the last 3 days on the potty and almost always tells you that he's wet or has pooped. He loves saying that! I'm really going to miss being with him 24/7 because he learns and does something new every day!

Braylon is obviously changing daily as well. He's been sitting unsupported for awhile now, which means he's more interactive with Isaiah. He's finally beginning to sleep longer stretches at night and, when he doesn't, can be soothed back to sleep much faster with his soother and a rhythmic pat on the bum. I've noticed he has started to imitate sound, babbling da-da-da or ma-ma-ma (which, unfortunately, aren't quite first words yet, but it's nice to hear nonetheless) most often. He is a very very good baby despite blowing his food back in our face every 4 hours, and my absolute favourite is when Isaiah or I get him going with squeels of laughter. It can be the simplest of things, like making funny faces or noises or just devoting your full attention to him by talking to him, to set him off! I hope they continue to be good natured children as they grow. I've seen some other children born close to my boys who have already somehow developed somewhat nasty demeanours and I'm not certain it was the fault of the parents or just how the child has come to be on their own.

Anyhow, we're off on a walk (as though crisp fall weather has befallen us, the sun is at least shining above) so I'm off. Hopefully I'll improve my blogging record to more than one a month!