Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy Bee

Hi all,

Still here... beyond busy, but still here. I'm 2 days to d-day (though probably not actually d-day, since Isaiah was 10 days late) and wishing it would be any day, but thinking realistically it won't be. Still working - yes, I'm crazy. I was 2+ hours coming home yesterday thanks to horrid traffic on the 401 (anyone driving Ingersoll through Putnam will know exactly what I mean - we were completely stopped for what felt like forever), and am trying to finish up the semester because originally that seemed like a good idea for so many reasons (so many of which have been usurped by other reasons for not working any longer). Hence being busy; if you know anything about teaching, you know it's a busy time of year for secondary school teachers, finishing up the semester. Now add the 40-weeks pregnant factor to that, and the fact that I'm full time English. (Sorry, James, but being a phys. ed. teacher is pretty appealing at this point, and I know you get a lot of jokes about it all but the work load does pale in comparison). But I know, I can't really rant... I did it to myself.

I didn't think, however, I'd also be so sick. I've caught my third bout of illness since Christmas, and this one is hanging on for dear life (so part of me is thankful I've not begun labour becaue I'd like to be able to breathe through the delivery). I've actually not had a voice for a week now (again, adding difficulty to the task of teaching), and I've had that dry, irritating, tickling cough for just as long (and a pussy eye come night, red and itchy come day, if you must know, but that's a few too many details, I think). Trying to kick this one has been tough, likely because I'm drained, stressed, and 40 weeks pregnant. Yes, I know, I'm trying to take it easy... I'm home sick today, in fact, and though I've a pile of marking, I haven't touched it yet (and it's nearly 1 p.m.).

Anyhow, I didn't really come on here to vent... I just wanted to update you on the lack of news our way, since most of you have been wondering. I'll likely not post again until we've news, so stay tuned! Back to bed for me...

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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Looking forward to your big news!! Try to take it easy...I know it's easier said then done! Keep us posted!