Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you enjoy whatever festivities you may find yourself sharing in this long weekend. And may the Easter bunny successfully navigate his way through the snow to find you - check out the weather we've got for Good Friday! Poor Raider had to miss out on his doggy treat hunt today because of the weather (though he wouldn't have been able to enjoy them anyhow as treats are out of the question with his diet, poor thing). Isaiah already got spoiled by his Rebelo grandparents and aunt & uncle - they're the ones who gave him the bunny in the photo that is twice the size of him! And they gave him a huge chocolate soccer ball. As Isaiah is too young to consume chocolate, guess who will have to eat it! (Just when I was shedding those last pregnancy pounds too!) He got quite a few new outfits from his grandparents as well, most of them soccer related of course. (Man, he has no choice does he? We're pretty much moulding him into a player, if not a fan.) And I'm sure he'll be spoiled again today when he sees part of my family!

As for our first Easter, though, we're not going to be celebrating together much as I'm in Ilderton all weekend skating. We don't normally look as we do in this photo, but I couldn't resist when I was sent it this morning by Lerisha to post it on here. Last night's practice was old skool/retro so thanks to Robbin we were decked out in some snazzy tights! Had I known in advance, I could have pulled out the garbage bag jackets we wore in novice - I've got that coat hanging in my dad's basement (for what reason, I don't know). And, sadly, t-shirts and flourescent-printed sweaters with writing on the back and up both sleeves still fit despite acquiring them in 1990. Yeah, seriously. Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy my one day sans patinage...

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