Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Hi all, pardon my absence in the past few days but we've had a rough week our way. My grandpa passed away on Easter Monday, sadly, as I mentioned in the previous blog. Thanks to everyone for expressing sympathies our way, we are lucky to have friends and family who support us and think of us. To add to that, Isaiah and Greg have both been incredibly sick, Isaiah with croup and Greg with an adult version of it. They share the same barking cough among numerous other symptoms, and thankfully both are finally on the mend after having each made a visit to the hospital. We had a few difficult nights with Isaiah especially, but he's back to his crib sleeping 6 hours which I am thankful for. As for Raider and I, we were spared the suffering ourselves... knock on wood. I'm not even sure dogs can get sick, so hopefully nothing happens to me! Anyway, to top it off, we've somehow caught a virus on the computer (no, not croup!)... so I've not been able to come online for email, facebook or blogging. I'm crossing my fingers as I type, actually, because the computer freezes up, shuts off on its own, and decides to close windows at random, so at any moment this entry may be lost. C'est la vie. We're hopefully going to get it fixed soon, as Greg & I seem somewhat lost with not being able to come online when we'd like to! Anyway, now that all of that is in the past, I'm hoping to get back to life... meaning Raider needs a walk, so ciao for now!

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