Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On a Roll

Not only is Isaiah still not sleeping soundly through the night, but his recent fascination with the ability to roll right over (he finally figured out how to get that arm out of the way) has complicated our sleeping routine. Last night, after a mere 2 hours of slumber, he woke up crying because he had somehow managed to spin 180 degrees, flip onto his stomach, shove his face in the corner of the crib, and prop his legs up on the far side. Yes, really. I wonder just what he was dreaming about! I would have taken a picture of the precarious position had I not needed to immediately attend to this matter. Mom, you were right when you predicted he'd be a mover, I just never thought it would be in the middle of the night.

Diaper changes are increasingly difficult as well, especially as he's developed quite a rash (from the medications he is on for croup) that needs some TLC (unfortunately the meds are also responsible for making him poop every few hours, typically a shade of neon green - sorry, I know I can be blunt at times - that are likely causing the rash). Anyhow, he tends to choose diaper changing time as "whatever-I-do-I'm-not-keeping-my-bum-on-this-change-table" time, which I knew would be coming at some point. He was quick to learn that if he pushes on the table with his feet, his bum will lift (think bridge pose, you fellow yoga-ites). Add to that some rolling this way and that, and diapering becomes a challenge. I've learned that captivating his attention with a toy in one hand and diapering with the other is the most successful trick for now.

I guess I can just thank my lucky stars that he is still unable to get too mobile, so I can quickly attend to laundry while leaving him on the floor to play in his gym (which is, by the way, the culprit in helping Isaiah learn to roll, I'm sure of it). Afterall, I don't want him to grow up too quickly!

Stay tuned for a rant I'm developing about Service Ontario...

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