Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sorry to have been missing in action as of late, but our computer caught a serious virus a few weeks ago and we finally took it in to be completely gutted. We've just gotten it back today, and as Greg is on afternoons he didn't have time to add any of our bells and whistles quite yet (basically all I can do right now is come online, we haven't even loaded Microsoft Office). So in case you were wondering if I'd fallen off the face of the blogging world, I didn't. I was just temporarily out of commission.

Anyhow, other than our computer issues, things are well with us. Isaiah has recently learned to roll over and has been refining his technique. I've even found him facedown when he wakes in his crib. He's still trying to get up for feeds at night (and we're trying to break him of his night waking, simply because we know he doesn't need to be fed but that he prefers the comfort of nursing). It's been tough, both having a 5+ month old who still wakes through the night, lately back to a 3-hour routine unfortunately, and also hearing him wail as a soother is by no means comforting in comparison to me. But last night he only needed one feeding, so if I can do that for a while, he may learn to eventually sleep through the night. I must admit, I am envious of those of you who have babies who sleep early on. I will say I think he is advanced in a number of regards, which definitely makes up for his sleeping problem. He's able to pass objects from one hand to the other and manipulate his toys eagerly. He's changing daily, that's for sure!

He finally got a little sun, too (though still incredibly fair) as we enjoyed a wonderfully warm weekend. He actually got a soother tan (yes, I know you're all envious) despite spending about 15 minutes out in the sun (apparently he's like his Tia Stacey who attracts the sun easily - she and I were both out and I'm still as white as snow). Isaiah also watched his daddy play soccer for the first time last weekend, and pretty soon he'll be coming to my games as well.

Raider is the same old dog, though he did learn a new trick. He decided to be adventurous the other evening and sneak under the snow fence to romp around in our neighbourhood. I went to let him in and he wasn't in the fenced-in area, so Isaiah and I had to go on a little dog hunt. Fortunately we found him and he actually came running when I called his name.

Greg has returned to work after a long bout of illness, and as aforementioned back on the soccer field too (hopefully he'll have a decent season as his knees don't afford him much usually). He recently got a new bike, so he's been enjoying treks through the "cons" (I was "schooled" in the SDCI lingo) and even riding to work (which really isn't too far, and since the Toyota is on its' last legs, it actually may become necessary).

Anyhow, there's an update in a nutshell... for now. Hopefully I'm back to blogging again sans interruption of viruses.

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glad you're we just need pics of the little cutie :)