Saturday, April 28, 2007


It may seem superficial, but somehow getting a new outfit feels pretty darn great. I quickly fell into mommy mode post-pregnancy whereby Isaiah comes first in the world of fashion. I haven't really bought much new at all since becoming a mommy, actually, though to be honest I think it's a fair bit to do with the fact that I'm still not at my goal weight (I should just get pregnant again, eh?). And in fact we bought Isaiah a new outfit today as well, but that's not the point! Greg treated me to the new outfit (shirt, pants and bracelet... no shoes or purse though)... which he claims is for Mother's Day! And not only does getting some new duds feel good, but fitting into a size four again feels even better. I've still got some serious flubber-age happening, and I'm beginning to realize that I may have to pack up anything smaller and maybe even part with it, but I'm becoming okay with my post-baby body. If only I could lose weight (well, tone up really) as quickly as Isaiah gains! I've been doing yoga and walking the boys religiously and am back on the field next Sunday, so maybe losing those last few pounds will become a reality, but should I not I think I'll live! Yes, I have superficial moments, dammit, and I even discuss them in a post on my blog!

So my second tidbit of superficiality is that I finally waxed my arms (yes, you all needed to know, I know). For the longest time I have had the hairiest arms - and it used to be funny when I'd compare them to my brother and joke that I had more hair on my arms than he has on his head. I always wanted to do something about them, I just never got around to doing it. Well, I did and I love it - my arms are so smooth and silky... and hair free! It's actually an interesting sensation to feel textures of fabric on my arm too - what I was missing out on! I am no longer ape-ish, hallelujah!

It's nice to treat myself sometimes and not feel guilty! So there.

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