Thursday, March 8, 2007

Rice Success & Mosquito Madness

YEAH! Today Isaiah had his first successful feed of rice cereal! Okay, so at my last doctor's appointment, 2 months ago, I was informed I could begin introducing rice cereal to Isaiah. However, I was incredibly reluctant to begin at such a young age when everything I read, including information from the product websites, says to wait until 4 months of age at the earliest, and many books say to wait until even longer. In time we did try to test the cereal after nursing sessions that we'd end a little earlier to save room, but Isaiah didn't take very well to it. And because it was such an ordeal anyhow, particularly for one person to do (because Greg is on shifts) as although he could hold his head steady even then it's a different story when trying to feed him, we eventually gave up on our attempts. Anyhow, today I decided it was high time to give it another go, especially as he's not been nursing as well as I think he should be during the day, and he's stuck on his three-hour feeding routine that I'd like to start stretching to four. And surprise, surprise, he actually swallowed every bite... so much so that I had to make a little more because he ate every last bit of the first batch! Now I'm doubting every meal will be taken so well, but I was glad to see that he was able to eat much better than our previous attempts. Not that I'm worried about him gaining weight, as according to my in-laws digital scale he added a few pounds last month alone. He has his next appointment this afternoon, so I'll know for certain just how much he's gained, but he weighs what most 6-month-olds do, so he's doing just fine!

On a totally different note, only because I'm growing increasingly irritated, we've got mosquitoes in our new house. Yes, in March. We noticed them when we returned from Florida in early January - one on the main level and one upstairs. We've killed quite a few since then (so apparently they're breeding), but there are still some in our house. I've found them hanging out in our plants, which I don't want to get rid of but they've become such a nuisance I'm seriously considering it. Last night I even heard buzzing in my ear and had to swat it away before biting me... I felt like I was camping in my own home! I'm careful to not have any standing water besides that, though there's never a single one near the dog bowl for some strange reason. And, knock on wood, none of us have had to dose ourselves with calamine lotion as we've not yet been bitten. Anyhow, if for nothing else I figured you'd get a good chuckle out of our dilemma! (Doesn't it make you all want to come over for a visit?)

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