Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Baby Day

So, yesterday we had a baby day for some of us who have recently become new moms. I thought it was pretty adorable to see all of the babies together, even though most of them are far from interacting with one another (but hey, the moms were able to catch up on some gossip and swap parenting trials and tribulations as well as special moments). Anyhow, Isaiah was the second oldest there because Anita and her daughter couldn't make it, but he was definitely the biggest (I'd question whether he was my son on that one, had I not myself given birth to him and still remember every detail... hence baby #2 is not yet anywhere in sight!). And he's definitely at the stage where he's mastered interacting and flirting even. It's astounding to watch him giggle and laugh when people talk to him, and it's even more incredible to see him know the difference between adults and people more his size. I first saw this change in the way he took in a new face when I stopped in at my mom's school, and he saw people more his age... well, quite a way off, but still far closer than he and I. And since then he's noticed babies and children and had a completely different reaction to them.

Anyway, as for baby day, it was so nice to share stories and ask questions of one another, particularly of those of us who have gone ahead so to speak. Likely these guys will be going to school together too, or at least see one another at certain functions, so it's nice to start them off with "play dates." It actually reminded me of that new Tostitoes commercial, save for the part where the babies are snoozing lined up in their car seats on the floor. Though I'm glad to see Isaiah is not the only cat napper of the bunch!

And not that you really truly compare because every baby is different, but I can't help but be jealous of Greg's cousin Sandra's baby, Vincent, who has been sleeping through the night (and I mean, 9-7 sort of thing... unbelievable) for nearly two months. She definitely deserves the rest, though, because they've had a tough go so far... Vincent was jaundiced at birth, and then had to have a shunt put in to drain water on the brain, so the little tyke has had a rough life so far and Sandra, as a new mom, has had to deal with all of that. She's a tough cookie!! Greg's five-year-old cousin Rachelle was there too, at baby day, because she doesn't attend school on Tuesdays, and it was so amazing to see her as a little mom herself (yes, at five). She was helping with diaper changes and telling knock-knock jokes to Isaiah, and she'd have even helped with feeding if she could (trust me, I've seen her with her baby alive and she has definitely honed her maternal instincts)... but with nursing, she's already learned she's of no assistance there!

I thought I'd also share some pictures because babies are simply precious and whether you've met Isaiah yet or not you can appreciate the absolute beauty of my son in some of the snaps! In the first, Rachelle holds Isaiah (though he's not too sure about it!). And then in the second, Isaiah is interacting with Olga and her son Joshua, across the table.

Below, Isaiah and Vincent take a nap together... and at one point they were holding hands and later sharing a teething ring in their hands. What cousins! They did this when they first met, too - back in December at Sandra's house.

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