Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Warm Weather Walk

Well, the boys and I just got back from a nice walk around the neighbourhood, something I've been reluctant to do with the winter weather we'd been having because Isaiah is not a fan of the cold temperatures (he must be a snowbird like his great-grandma in Florida!). And although Raider was pretty filthy upon our return, it was worth it to enjoy the warm weather we're having today. Lots of neighbours were outside too, especially as it's March Break and it's nice out - they were cleaning out garages, taking their kids for bike rides, playing basketball... even sweeping their laneways (trust me, I wouldn't be surprised to soon see them trimming their grass with scissors... if you know where I live, you'll know what I mean). Maybe I'll finally lose that last 15 lbs. of pregnancy pounds I can't seem to shed if I can make this routine now that temperatures are rising.

Today I took Isaiah in the baby carrier, which is hopefully a better way to get exercise than pushing his stroller as I'm carrying a 17 lb. baby, though it is actually a fairly difficult contraption since it can be worn several ways. In order to get the straps just right, it takes some effort to untangle it, put it on and strap him in. Thankfully Greg is on afternoons this week, so he was able to help me out. Isaiah stayed awake for the entire route, taking in his surroundings. I had him facing out today so he could see the world from a new perspective, and he seemed to take interest in Raider trooping through the mud and mushy sod the most. Now he's snoozing on the couch as if he was the one who carried me, and hopefully he'll have a little longer nap than per usual (he's typically a cat napper).

Actually, it's pretty neat because Isaiah is beginning to reach for objects and he attempts to manipulate them in some way or another, usually grabbing them and pulling them toward his mouth (anything foreign is of uptmost interest).
This morning is when his infatuation with our dog began because I sat him on the floor and reached out to pet Raider and Isaiah imitated me (and thankfully didn't pull any part of Raider toward him). Raider is pretty good because he doesn't mind Isaiah (though we'll see when he gets to the pulling Raider's tail stage); he tends to just lick him to death! It's especially challenging at lunch time when Isaiah eats his cereal because he wears quite a bit on his face. I don't need a facecloth to wash him up after because Raider gets in there like a dirty shirt! Anyhow, I think that's enough rambling for now; until next time, adieu.

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Loving the sunshine too Nat!