Monday, March 5, 2007

Reminiscing Down Memory Lane

Okay, so I've been on Facebook (sorry, by the way, because my link isn't effective yet - see my comment about my technological challenges - but hopefully you're checking out my profile posted there too) far more often than I've posted a blog entry in the last while, but namely because I've been creating photo albums. I've loved doing so, even though we don't have a great deal of our digital pics on our computer, just those taken in the last few years. Greg didn't back our first few years worth, so we lost a number of captured moments, and I've yet to learn how to scan properly (yes, I know, I'm that behind the times), so point being I've not got as many memories to share as I'd like. But as I was saying, I've been creating photo albums and it's been so great to reminisce down memory lane. I'll share a few here because I think it's pretty cool to be able to.

The first photo is one of me when I was a newborn and my brother (yes, then a blonde - James, I'll refrain from a bald joke for now) leaning over to be affectionate (how things change... just kidding). I think it's cute, but I also think it's cool how even though Isaiah as a newborn and me as a newborn look nothing alike, he actually bears resemblance to my brother in his early days (earlier than this actually). That's who he reminds me of the most lately, as he's changed from his mini-me version of his daddy!

And so then I couldn't resist adding another photo of Isaiah, taken a few weeks ago when I stopped in to visit my dad & Carol. What a character! Here he still looks quite a bit like Greg, and at moments (particularly when he makes certain faces) he definitely is his father's son, but the only things he's got of mine are my eyes, and possibly my nose. He hasn't much hair as you can see, which is strange because I've the thickest hair of anyone I know and Greg's got a full head as well, but we're hoping in time he grows some! He's such a little man, though - of all the babies I've seen lately (and if you know anything about the water in Strathroy, it's been a lot... hee hee) he's got such defined facial features and has yet to acquire the chubby cheek phenomenon so typical of three-month-old gaphers (my fingers are crossed). What a cutie!!

So I'll end this rather long post with one last bit... which is just to say I love being a mom. I mean, it's got it's rough patches and growing pains, but I truly love every minute of it. It's unbelievably touching to see my son's face light up when I am in sight - sheer delight to see me! And he's definitely made me think about what kind of person I'd like to be, what values I'd like to impress upon him, what type of life I'd like to lead, what's important. He's been such a blessing. In the nearly four months he's been a part of our family, he has added nothing short of joy. We love him to pieces!!!

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