Thursday, March 22, 2007

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

So bathtime has become interesting for Mr. Crazy Legs, aka my son. For the past few weeks Isaiah has been developing his motor skills, and he chooses to practice during bathtime it seems. A welcome change from his initial reaction to bathing, which was sheer terror on his part, he now calmly stretches out and lets himself submerge into warm bliss... for 5 seconds. Then he's kicking up a storm (I know, we really do want him to play soccer, but there's a time and a place for practicing drills!), splashing water all over me and the bathroom. It's craziness! Sheer chaos! I'm wondering when it may become easier to bathe him, particularly as Greg tends to work when I'm giving Isaiah his bath... but for now, it's wet 'n wild fun for us! I must go dry off...


Anonymous said...

Hate to bring bad goes from splashing to dumping large quantities of water over the side of tub, with whatever dumping apparatus is available. Cups, boats, hands..need I go on?!!
Your little guy is absolutely adorable...enjoy him, splashing and all!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting coincidence, Natalie. I almost purchased this bathtime activity centre for Isaiah. It encouraged splashing, squirting, filling, and pouring. A fun-filled mini waterpark. Shall I go back and pick it up? Or not?!