Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy Bees

Apparently it was a busy weekend for us as I've not been on to post a new snipet of our lives since Thursday. So, I'd better take advantage of Isaiah's nap and get to posting quickly (as those who know, he snoozes for a maximum of 20 minutes). Anyhow, our weekend was in fact relatively busy.

Friday, despite feeling under the weather which I have for over a week after catching whatever it was Isaiah caught, I went to skating so my mom watched Isaiah while I was on the ice. He's beginning to really make strange and play mama's boy, so I apologize to my mom and others in advance who may watch him for his hysterics - but you know it's all an act, so hopefully you can trick him out of it. I hate it because this means I'm not really able to say goodbye to him, as I don't wish to encourage the hysterics which tend to come when he realizes I'll be leaving him for some time. Thankfully he's been around different people and he's been watched by grandparents and aunts & uncles often enough to begin to get some sense of security from those people, but I know this will be a stage to get through for some time. Afterall, he is the son of the once little boy who cried when his mom took him to school (yes, kindergarten, not high school!).

Saturday we went to London with Greg's family (yes, I know, they're really my family too...) as Stacey & Ermal needed stuff for their new house from Teppermans and we needed to buy a birthday gift for Greg's cousin Zach. After a quick and might I add poor wrapping job of the robotyrannis, we headed to Greg's grandparents/aunt & uncle's (same house) for the birthday celebrations. It was pretty neat to see the kids interact with Isaiah, and him in return. He definitely knows the difference between adults and kids, and favours the latter. And Rachelle is such a mom, she loves to hold him and just lay beside him. At one point she and I were singing children's songs to him together; she's adorable! Even Justin took to lying on the floor with him and coming to check him out every so often, despite the fact that's he'd prefer Isaiah could rough 'n tumble with him. He was so cute too, running around in his Spiderman underwear by the end of the night, flexing his muscles. And Greg is such a little kid too, he was playing Guitar Hero with Liz on Zach's PS2 for hours. I'm glad the X-box has yet to find its' way into the house! Anyhow, so that was Saturday.

Sunday morning we went out for lunch to Aroma with Isaiah's soon-to-be (as May is finally within sight) godparents. Altin has grown far more comfortable holding Isaiah and he was up and about with his Tia because he hates to sit still. I've been trying to keep his lunch fairly consistent so even he got to eat at the restaurant, a fine meal of rice cereal as he'd had his milk prior to leaving. After lunch it was off to check out very low-end cars as the Toyota is on its' last legs. We're likely not going to get anything, not until I go back to work likely, but if the Toyota can't make it then we may have to. At least Greg only puts about 2 km/day on a vehicle since his work is almost in sight, so for now we can lease rather than finance, which is preferable anyhow since we're looking at the cheapest cars possible. Then it was off to watch Altin's soccer game before heading home. The evening brought shopping at Superstore here in town and watching a horrid movie (well, I think only Ermal and I saw the entire thing as both Greg and Stacey fell asleep; fair enough since they're the two who had to go to work this morning!). Poor Raider was deprived of walking this weekend, but once Greg gets home from work we're going to take the whole family out to enjoy the weather.

So there's a huge update... which ended with perfect timing as I sense some life in the playpen beside me!

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