Friday, March 9, 2007

Ode to Kim

This afternoon Isaiah and I met our photographer Kim to pick up our photo shoot proofs and some maternity prints I'd ordered. Now Kim has done fantastic work for us in the past - she shot my wedding photos and maternity photos, as well as some recent work of my mom & her Greg - all of which I absolutely loved. She is tremendously gifted and extremely creative, but I think my favourite work of her's to date is our family photo shoot that we sat for at the beginning of February. It is touching to see the moments she captures and her eye for position and detail is extraordinary!

So this blog entry is my props to Kim, and should any of you need/want a photographer for an event or a special occasion in your lives, I seriously hope you consider contacting her. Her work is phenomenal! She did the angel picture of Isaiah posted here all the time, as well as the work I've included in today's entry (I could have posted picture upon picture, she gave us all 247, but I chose a select few... that and she is trying to run a business, afterall, so should you actually want some pictures of Isaiah or all of us, please let me know so I can order you some). This second one is a particular favourite of mine, Isaiah snuggled in a basket.

Love your work, Kim, you're the best!
This last photo I included because Greg's ultimate dream is for Isaiah to play professional soccer (let's hope he doesn't have either of our knee problems... which run through the family on both sides). And of course that would mean playing for one team in particular, Benfica. Isaiah doesn't have very much in the way of Benfica memorabilia quite yet, but I love this pose with his soccer ball (check out the strategic placing of the leg - someone was self-conscious... or else he didn't want blackmail later in life). He was such a good boy that day - hence the result of 247 options to choose from! Anyhow, once again a huge thanks to Kim... I'll be calling when baby #2 is on the way for our next session!


Kelly said...

Oh Nat! These photos are so beautiful! You have a wonderful photographer, and a beautiful family!

Grandma Froggy said...

As grandma I know that I am biased, but really Isaish is the cutest of all the babies! Thank you, Kim. Great work! Lina