Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Roll in the Hay

Mario, oh Mario, please bring sod soon!!

Raider has been loving the warm weather and begs (yes, literally) to be let outside to romp in the hay in the backyard as we've yet to get our sod (you know S-W Ontario, it may still snow). Normally he prefers to bask in the sun lying against the house, but today he apparently learned a more enjoyable deal - rolling in the hay... and you thought I meant something else with my blog title! ;) Anyhow, it would all be well and good save for a mess when he comes inside - and he fooled me twice to let him out to do so! What a brat...

He & I have been losing weight, though - finally! I've been walking him every single day (yes, a normal feat for most dog owners but I didn't get out very often in the snow with the stroller, especially as our street has incomplete sidewalks as there are still dirt lots). Anyhow, both he and I have been seeing results. I've not actually weighed him, but his ribs are becoming defined through his coat; as for me, I have in fact lost some pounds, and am finally down to what I first weighed pregnant - so 8 lbs. to go, which is reasonable. I must admit I'm envious of those I see who quickly shed the baby weight, particularly as it's almost 5 months post-delivery, but I'm getting there... afterall, I did pack on more than 40 pounds thanks to Isaiah! I'm trying to ignore my cravings dictated by my sweet tooth as well and so far it's been fairly easy. I did have to indulge in ice cream this week, though, as I'm battling what I'm sure is strept throat (but I avoid doctors at all costs).

In terms of weight, Isaiah is the opposite of us, which is a good thing. He's been devouring his cereal for lunch, even though I up the quantity weekly. Soon we'll be moving on to single veggies. Poor Raider will have to wait for strained meat to perchance find its way to the floor as the one people food he refuses to eat are his veggies. He gets no scraps from us, poor fellow, and no treats either since his last trip to the vet.

Back to baby... I continue getting sidetracked on dog tangents. One last random point to address today: I am still baffled at how companies come to label clothes in terms of sizing for babies. Like today, as I dressed Isaiah in something from his 6-9 stack of clothes that he'd not yet worn. Well, the shirt just snaps and the sleeves just reach his wrists, yet he is 4 and 1/2 months old. The pants, mind you, were quite long, which was surprising as he's in the 99th percentile when it comes to length. So I can't put them on as an outfit, which is fine but strange. He's got some sleepers that say 12 months but he's already outgrown them, and yet some (though very few) 0-3 month items can still work. Anyhow, my point is, I find it all inconsistent even though they base it on the weight. Good thing we plan to have at least one more child in the future; otherwise, quite a few items of clothes would be going to waste as I realized too late that they would have fit earlier than they did.

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