Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Handy Woman

Alright, so Greg's been working a ton of overtime lately (he's got to get it while he can in the auto industry, that's for sure), and so I've not even bugged him to hang things in the house because I know it's the last thing he wants to do. And since normally I'm more destructive than necessary, by accident I assure you, I've avoided doing that sort of thing in this house thus far. However, I'm starting to hate the lack of a sense of feeling like this is our home, so I finally decided to just hammer away today! (Don't worry sweetie, I actually did okay! If you're reading this at work, don't freak!) There's still far more to do (I know my limitations - I didn't hang anything that would require anchors in the wall first), but the upstairs is slowly gaining a feeling of this being our home. We've been starting to collect the Willow Tree figurines, ever since getting married, so they're now proudly displayed on a shelf. And Isaiah's room was far from done even though it's the room in the house with the most on the walls. I put up three shelves there too and added some things he's already acquired in four months - like his first pair of Mickey ears from Disney! Now we just need to take our dining room table and buffet to get stained, hang the rest of the art up and we'll finally have settled in for real. I can't wait to start the basement too, though that will be in the distant future, which is surprising because I know a good deal of it will be dedicated to the Oakland Raiders. At least there will be a bar... Haha. And on that note...

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