Friday, February 1, 2008

Still an only child... for now!

Okay, so Isaiah is still an only child... for now (good thing, he's such a ham - and a flirt, might I add - as you can tell from his picture; we're going to have some trouble because he's already charmin' the ladies). Braylon is officially one week late (he's already following in his brother's footsteps as Isaiah was 10 days overdue). The closer we get, the more I think it's going to be Sunday, just because of the SuperBowl, but what do I know? I thought I was ready to go weeks ago - and have surprised many people (and myself) in holding out this long!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, by the way (though Polly, I prefer Kelly's raspberry tea suggestion to your castor oil one, though I've heard it does the trick)! I can't even go for a nice long walk (or should I say waddle?) today, because the weather is not appealing in the least. So we shall see...

One thing I hate about the "system" in Strathroy is that, in rotating through so many different doctors, no one really tells you what you want to know. Sure, I'd prefer to not be induced, but how long are you going to let this baby stay inside? The one doctor said I'd only go 7 days over, max., before induction - which would mean we'd already be at the hospital - whereas Monday's doctor sort of passed the buck to the following week's because he noted I was feeling okay (as okay as I can - I sincerely doubt he really knows how uncomfortable an overdue pregnancy can make a girl feel). Who knows - it's a waiting game at this point.

And so I'm trying to make every last minute with Isaiah alone count, because his world is going to be rocked when Braylon arrives. It's been nice to be home with him all week, though I'm certain he must miss socializing (a.k.a. flirting) with the kids at his grandma's house. He's such a big boy already - hard to imagine as although we're still technically in baby-mode Braylon will be such a baby compared to Isaiah. I haven't found it in myself to cut his hair yet - despite prodding from Greg in particular - so I thought I'd post this pic of his bathtime mohawk!

So, stay tuned still. Apparently he didn't want to make his premiere appearance in January, as expected, but at least we'll have a baby before March (February isn't that short of a month, even if this is a leap year!).


Kelly said...

I was thinking the same thing about superbowl! I bet you your baby is going to show up on Sunday!! I will keep my fingers crossed that it is soon and everything goes well. Keep strong!

Grandma Froggy said...

As funny and cute as the mohawk may be, ISAIAH NEEDS A HAIRCUT!!