Friday, February 29, 2008

Change a-Brewin'?

Who would have thought that I, a former Medway Cowboy and therefore lifetime rival of anything Strathroy, would have actually come to enjoy living here? Well, despite having to commute to work over an hour each way, I honestly do. And so that's what makes the fact that we may have to leave, should Greg successfully land a job at Toyota, for which he is interviewing for as I blog, tough to swallow. I know I get far too attached to things, and far too settled, but we built this house thinking we'd be here for some time. And although I do practically everything outside of Strathroy (in London, mostly) - work, shop (obviously), skate, play soccer, do yoga, meet up with friends - I'm not certain I'd like to live elsewhere...

... save for one place. Ideally I'd actually really like to have my grandparents' property, but the reality of that is incredibly unlikely. We'd purchase the lot and home for the equivalent of the sale of this home, but that home is not really liveable at present and we'd therefore not have money to build a new home on the property (which is absolutely gorgeous, if you don't know because you've never been, and ideal for my sons to grow up on - complete with a large field in front for soccer games, a creek to catch crayfish, a pond to skate on in the winter and canoe on in the summer, and fields in the back to roam and explore). It is a place I cherish deeply and I'd hate to see it go to someone unknown, or worse a developer, but I'm beginning to realize we're really not going to be able to make any deal work out to live there. Ahh, the nostalgia of a past I don't wish to let go of...

So that change I could handle, because I actually feel a sense of "home" there, which I lost all feeling for when my childhood home was sold. And I'm not certain I'd like to move at random to some other house with absolutely no meaning. Maybe I get too tied up in symbolism or look for connections, but (and here is where you'll think I'm strange) I think we were meant to live in this house - the number is 549, for example, which is my number and Greg's and 4 is the difference between them.

Nothing is happening now anyway, or for sure for that matter, but a big change may be in store for us... who knows, only time will tell.

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