Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Moment's Peace

Okay, so the real challenge began this week with Greg's return to work. I hate shift work as it is, and he did luck out and miss a week of nights because Braylon was born at the beginning of that shift, but I can't say I'm a fan of afternoons either. Last night was slightly challenging at times to get both boys' needs taken care of, especially because Isaiah is pretty dependent still, and Braylon is hungry all the time! And Isaiah definitely has a streak of jealousy on top of hating to be told no. So there were a few moments of hectic chaos, but when I did finally get them both to sleep I did get a sense that there will be moments of peace as well. That is, until the doorbell rang (why do people make deliveries at 9 p.m.?).

Not that we need to make each moment a family affair (though Braylon's first bath apparently needed to be one), but it does make it easier for one of us to have one baby and the other to have one as well. Ahh well, we'll adjust and settle into a routine in some time. You just may not catch me blogging too often until that happens!

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