Tuesday, February 19, 2008

English as a Second Language

These days Isaiah is talking up a storm! His language may not be English, apart from a handful of select words - barely clear but recognizeable enough - but he's a talkin'! Mostly he talks to his books and toys, though he understands what we say to him 100%. It's amazing, actually, how well he understands and how much he knows already, at just 15 months. Like just now, he went to the fridge, mumbled something in his language in a whining tone, and I knew he wanted some juice! As for real words, he definitely knows ball (we're honestly not forcing him to be a soccer player) and is working on apple and balloon (all of which happen to be on the same page of his favourite book - which he chucked in a pail of water the other day, but thankfully it is a board book so it recovered well!). I am astouded at how much he has developed in such a short time, particularly as we've now Braylon to compare him to to see how far he's come in a year.

Anyhow, he's up from his nap and likes to imitate mom in every way - including typing on the keyboard and trying to snatch the mouse - so I'd best get off before this entry is written in a language you can't decipher! :)

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