Saturday, November 24, 2007


So I'm assuming that there is potential for this blog to get flagged by our government, but so be it! Last year, Nov. 17 to be exact, I ordered Isaiah's birth certificate online, a process guaranteed to be complete within a matter of weeks. We were heading to my brother & now sister-in-law's wedding in Miami, so I was happy to learn the process was promised quickly when I had heard from friends that it took much longer to process the information and had figured such myself. Point being, the birth certificate never did arrive. Instead we got a letter from town hall acknowledging that the birth had been registered, and that was, at that time, sufficient documentation to get ourselves across the border, and back thankfully!

Well, so then I played the waiting game, spending countless hours on hold with the Office of the Registrar General and never actually getting through to a person (you've got to love automated systems that continue to place you on hold after indicating that your call is of uptmost importance). Anyhow, it seemed I was having little success, and with frustration growing, mostly because I'd already been charged (Nov. 25) for the process, I logged on to the Service Canada (or Ontario, I can't remember which at this point, it was so long ago) site and emailed concerning my frustration and sheer annoyance. To no avail. I did not receive a response, nor did the birth certificate miraculously show up...

Until this past week. More than one year after it was initially ordered, with absolutely no apology or explanation for the delay. Granted, I am happy to finally have it, but knowing I have to go through the process again in a very short time from now (9 weeks, if you're counting... I am!), I can't imagine we'll luck out our second go around... and we're needing to fly out west in March, 2 months after the arrival (well, depending on his plans, as Isaiah came 10 days late), so I'd obviously like to have it in hand. Maybe that's the catch... it's because we've needed them.

Anyhow, so just wanted to express my frustration with our government. Particularly when they advertise quick service online as well as on their commercials, when that is obviously not always the case. Okay, more important things to do today than rant... until next time.

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