Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en!

So Hallowe'en was a busy night... transporting Isaiah around to relatives. In fact, we didn't even make it home in time to hand out candy at our house, save for the last few stragglers roaming the neighbourhood - which means we've a full stash to devour between the two of us (how will I ever do it, what with my chocolate obsession?!?!). Not sure what next October will entail, because it was pretty exhausting to make the many stops, for Isaiah and for us. And next year there will be two little dragons to dress up and parade around town!

Anyhow, he did really well in his costume and even scored his first "treat" when he went over to my mom's neighbour's house! But thankfully he wasn't too spoiled - we've got to keep those new teeth as pristine as possible, especially after I've heard how much Stacey's dentist charges for work on children!
So yes, the little munchkin has four teeth now, the last of which is just coming through the gums. So sleep has been disrupted, especially as the top two teeth came immediately following an ear infection, which means that for over a month now we've not been sleeping through the night in this house (well, Raider has been). And he's acquired a liking for chewing wood (as in coffee tables) and other random household objects rather than the teething toys he's had for many months. Between he and Raider, our house - only a year old now - has signs of "love." Oh well, I'd rather it be a home anyway, although I can't say I love the scratch marks from Raider on the wall in the front entrance...

Anyhow, teeth aren't the only new thing for Isaiah. He finally mastered waving hi and bye (I was getting worried), can say "uh-oh" and fake cough on command like a champ, and is oh-so-close to taking his first steps (technically he has, but three steps from Greg to me doesn't exactly classify as walking). In fact, his sense for adventure has definitely come out in full blown glory (hence the bruises on his face in the pictures). He's always climbing or jumping off things, and so far he's even managed to climb out of his crib unassisted by anything (yes, with the mattress at the lowest possible position). Perhaps he should've been a little devil for Hallowe'en rather than a dragon! So things are ever changing here with him.

And me too. I'm growing bigger and bigger (why did they have to tell me this was already a bigger baby?) and, at 28 weeks now, am wondering just how big I'm going to get. There's not been waddling down the hall on my part as of yet, but the inevitable discomfort of the last trimester is soon approaching, I know it! So much for not gaining the 43 lbs. I did with Isaiah... I'm already over 20. Just as long as it eventually comes off... otherwise, I'll have to have a supersale of clothes! Besides the rapid growth, though, I am feeling pretty good. Definitely tired (because last pregnancy I could get as much sleep or take naps whenever I felt like it) and finding my weekends busy with Isaiah and therefore getting behind in school work, but c'est la vie. I'd far rather play with my son than do marking any day - my kids will just have to deal!

Otherwise, not a great deal new around our household. I'll be sure to post some pics of the one-year birthday just around the corner (can you believe it's been a year already?!). So likely until then...

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