Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Although it's not technically been a year, Isaiah celebrated his first birthday yesterday! He was spoiled rotten, of course, as the "Birthday Prince" (so cute...) and is now the proud owner of 5 ride-on vehicles (thank goodness we've a three-car garage), numerous noisey toys, and a ton of new outfits. Thank you to everyone for your generosity! Hope you had as much fun as he did (though I think he was slightly overwhelmed with everything, and of course it didn't help he was still sick from those nasty teeth). At least we've a month until Christmas, so by then the novelty of his new toys will have worn off... although he pretty much has everything now, so what in the world are we going to get him for Christmas?! Any why, might I ask, do boxes entertain him more than the toys do? Today when we were taking them out and putting them together, he was more interested in attacking the boxes! And, to be honest, his absolute favourite toy of all is Raider's kong. We can't take it away from him often enough... Ahh, Isaiah.
Anyhow, just thought I'd add a couple of pictures, of him blowing out his cake with daddy (daddy did the blowing, though) and of his high chair post- cake (he devoured it... hardly anything left but crumbs). We ended up getting a pretty cool cake from Sam's Club with his picture in the icing (and I couldn't bring myself to cut through it, so thankfully I didn't have to... yesterday at least).
Isaiah made it through his meal, enjoying the cake and a few licks of icing too... but slept through the opening of his gifts. Oh well... He'll be spoiled again at Christmas, so perhaps he can help tear into the paper and bows then! Well, if we do anything for his actual birthdate, I'll add some pics then... I had wanted to make him his own personal cake for the party, but just never got around to it (inconveniently, he was born at midterms so I'm amidst report card comments). So until then...

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