Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Stork Is Coming Again

My presence in the blogging world has been interrupted with a recent and rather lengthy bout of illness. First, I suffered from a serious migraine, which lasted a few days. Then, newly mended from the pounding head I had actually grown used to, I caught a pretty bad cold from Isaiah and was in bed for days. I have not been this sick in eons. However, I am convinced that I am finally on the mend for good, despite being so stuffed I still sound like a man, and thus have returned to my blog.

And I've returned with news to share! We'd been keeping this one "mum" for quite a while, and still most family outside of our immediate members aren't privy to this knowledge (though should you read my blog, cousins, aunts & uncles, you'll soon find out for yourselves... pardon the impersonal aspect), but you are now all going to be in the know: we are pregnant! Isaiah is going to be a big brother (to what, we don't know yet... but we plan to find out this time)! The baby is due Jan. 25, 2008 (and yes, though I'm no math teacher, I am fully aware that means I won't even be returning to work for a full semester).

We're pretty excited, though a little nervous about how busy we'll be. Isaiah will be just nicely 14 months, 11 days if the baby actually arrives on time - so they'll be incredibly close. That was how it was between my brother and I, though, so from my experience I think it will be great! Anyhow, we just wanted to share the news! We'll keep you posted!


Kelly said...

Congratulations Nat and Greg! That is exciting news! Is there a baby boom or something - Leanne, Aliesha, my friend Heidi and now you! Can't wait to hear more. Keep well.

Grandma Froggy said...

It's great news, Natalie! Isaiah and little sis/bro will be very good friends. Yes, you will be busy, but it becomes manageable and the craziest, most hectic pace lasts a year or two. We're very happy and excited! Take care of yourself!!