Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Never Enough

Apparently one to state the obvious, it's become increasingly evident that there's just never enough time. Greg has been hard at work on various jobs around the house - lately in relation to the sand point and getting the pump to successfully work (without flooding the basement!). And now he's got to tackle fence construction because our neighbours put in a pool and, by law, need to have the fence put up. However, we had also had plans to go away this weekend, which would have been ideal time for building a fence; in order to accommodate both, we're trying to do it after Greg works this week. So there's been no time to go for walks with Raider, or just enjoy family time. (Though apparently there's enough time for me to come on and blog!) So, hopefully August affords both time to relax and enjoy one another's company before I go back to work, and time to tackle the never-ending list of jobs-around-the-house!

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