Friday, July 13, 2007

No, I Didn't Fall Off the Face of the Earth... case you were wondering where I've been as of late. I've actually been enjoying some well deserved R & R, though not technically. Mr. Isaiah is desperately longing for physical freedom, so I've been pretty busy chasing him around and answering his calls, but I've been doing so up in Muskoka so that counts as being on holiday!

So, obviously an update on the little man is to be expected. Since last posting, he's changed significantly. He now sports two front teeth on the bottom, though the left is more advanced than the right. Therefore he's been slightly fussy and a tad cranky, and no longer will he be put down to bed awake at night but prefers to be cuddled and rocked to sleep. Not sure who's in control these days! Thanks to grandma, he's tasted some pretty sweet treats - strawberry jam and syrup - but he's not quite that close to feasting on adult food in actuality. Grandma just gave him a quick taste test on the end of her finger! Actually, we have been giving him small morsels of certain food, though he's still doing the off-the-tongue-down-the-hatch deal rather than any sucking or chewing. So, like I said, real food is still in the distant future.

He's grown a little more hair - enough to finally cover the bald spot on the back of his head. He's also grown slightly more lean - I think due in large part to his increasing mobility - and his shorts that once fit snuggly are actually quite loose. He's not quite crawling (as in textbook crawling form), but he gets around well enough and is definitely building strength because he maintains "table pose" for a substantial amount of time. He can crawl a little, but tends to get his ankles crossed and either plummets to the ground head first or rolls into a seated position.

He's growing tired of his toys - imagine that - and prefers red plastic beer cups (good thing we've got tons left from our stag and doe years ago) and strings from blinds. Really, these things can entertain him for a good 20 minutes. He babbles to himself constantly, and even does a new trick whereby he makes noise when you pat his lips. He's definitely a character!

Well, there's other stuff to update you on besides Isaiah, but I've got to finish laundry so I can pack up my stuff yet again. This time we're off to Bayfield for our annual family reunion (on the Rebelo side). So, perhaps early next week I'll find time to blog again!

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