Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Mover and a Shaker

Just as predicted, Isaiah has fast become a mover and a shaker. Though not yet crawling, he is quick to get up on his knees and rock back and forth (until his forearms give out). He hasn't quite yet discovered the moving of the knees motion necessary to actually crawl, though he has long since learned to sort of slither backwards. He's definitely desperate for his independence, and few of his old toys keep him happy and content. In fact, the exersaucer is the only thing remotely on his list of "okay things to keep me occupied" but that's about it. I can only imagine the challenge of squeezing in a shower once he's actually on the go. Once a anti-belly boy, he spends countless hours propped up on his arms these days. I'll keep you posted as to when he finally succeeds at the crawling business!

I myself am keeping busy with, sadly, sights on my courses come fall. I was into the school yesterday to get some resources so as to spend some time planning this summer (as I'm full time English in first semester, I'll have a ton of marking as it is). I can't quite sink into school-mode, but I hope to not procrastinate as per usual. Ideally, I'd like to plan a large portion of each course in detail so that I can come home to spend time with Isaiah (and Greg, too). I can't believe how quickly my maternity leave has flown by. Now I have what everyone else has left... a measley 9 weeks of summer which will be gone in no time (yes, how dare I grumble, you non-teachers... but if you knew the work I do after hours through the 10 months I do work...).

So, I'd best be off to play with the little man... we're off on holidays in a few days, so don't expect a new post for some time (though hopefully I'll have some great material when I return to blogging world). We're going to spend a week at my dad and Carol's cottage with my grandma and her husband and my brother and his wife, so it will be some new firsts for Isaiah (like swimming in a lake). Hopefully lots of stories to share... so until then.

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