Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blame the Vegetarian

I never thought I'd see it, but the time has come when Isaiah has proven to not like food. Don't worry, he still devours his vegetables and practically inhales his cereal - I can't seem to get the spoon in his mouth fast enough - but he does not like meat. Now everyone's first response has been to blame the vegetarian mom (so please don't leave a comment according to that belief - which I don't think is true - as I'd rather have some helpful advice). I have tried strained meats alone and as of late in combination with vegetables, thinking that would perhaps hide the taste of the meat. No luck. Guess he's not a meat 'n potatoes man... It's a real challenge to get him to give it a fair chance, and never before have meal times been such a battle of wills - me trying to provide nourishment, him puckering his lips and clamping his jaw shut tightly so as not to allow the spoon entry. Any helpful hints would be appreciated, as I'm not actually imposing my personal choice of being vegetarian on my son (and I've actually been trying to expand my meals to include meat, since that was my new year's resolution). At least there's no question of whether or not he looks healthy!!

See, he's only 6 months here and he's 30 inches long and likely by now about 19 lbs.! And cute as ever, if I do say so myself... even if he won't eat meat! :)

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