Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tricky Tricky

I figured out a trick for Isaiah to eat some meat... as either no one reads this blog or just no one had advice to give me on that subject. Now I give him a little bit of meat - which is still a huge battle - and then quickly follow with veggies. So far it has worked both times I've fed him. What a difference between the two - he turns his head and clamps his mouth shut for the meat but then as soon as he knows the spoon has vegetables he leans forward, widens his mouth, and licks the spoon clean. What an oddball!

He is, however, feeling under the weather (due to the soon-to-erupt teeth, I believe - I can see the white under his gums), so I'm not going to force the issue. If meat doesn't happen all the time, it's not the end of the world. Like I said, he's very healthy and continuing to grow like a weed. He's been wearing 12 month clothing for the longest time, and is now even into some 12-18. If he's anything like his daddy, he'll be an eater (but also long and lean). Good thing we put a full stand-up fridge and freezer in this new house - I can only imagine just how much food will be consumed. Pray for a girl next time (though that doesn't necessarily mean she won't eat just like Isaiah and daddy).

Anyhow, I'll try to get into more intellectual discussions at some point, it's just that my life at present revolves around feeding, changing and playing with Isaiah, so my blog tends to do the same!

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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Hi Natalie,

What I would suggest is completely coating the unwanted food in a fruit that he really likes. Dip it in the meat, then dip it in the fruit. Worked for me, and didn't cause any eating problems down the road. Good luck!!