Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just a Motorin'

Well, as expected, Isaiah is just a motorin' these days. Not only is he quite the swimmer already (seen here up in Muskoka in the lake), but he cruises from one end of the house to the other in seconds, and rarely stays put. I read somewhere that babies will only somewhat allow themselves to be out of mommy's line of vision at first, something of a comfort thing on their part... but not this guy. Isaiah is an adventure addict, and he doesn't even have a sense of fear... he'd crawl right off the bed if we let him. Hence why I came online today - to search for an area rug as our first floor is entirely hardwood and tile (not so nice on the little knees). I'll get to searching for that when I'm done writing this...

So we've had to make a couple of changes around the house lately as not only can he crawl but he can climb like nothing. He's definitely a little boy - he's already managed to get a few bruises. Actually, today he also has a pretty serious rash that he seemed to have developed last evening on his bum and it has rapidly spread all over his body. My in-laws are certain it is directly related to teething, but he sprouted his two bottom teeth will little effect and the top two are nowhere in sight yet this rash has come. So we're off to the after-hours clinic tonight (can't wait to wait for hours in line...) because the doctor couldn't fit us in. I think I might look up typical baby rashes to determine a prognosis of my own too, as he's had his routine vaccinations and I'm doubting the relation to teeth simply because he doesn't seem to be getting any right now.

Not only does he have a rash, but last night, for the first time, he refused to eat his final meal. He took maybe three sips of milk and a couple bites of cereal and then would have nothing more to do with food. Unfortunately he would also have nothing to do with sleep, so it was a rather difficult night for us. He likely annoyed everyone watching Greg's game because he cried almost non-stop, then seranaded Stacey and I in the car with his cries and then again at home when I took him out of the car seat. Don't get me wrong, he's usually a fantastic kid... but when he gets going, he can be a little devil!

Anyhow, otherwise, he's pretty good. I find him pretty advanced in terms of what he's capable of doing, and incredibly strong. He's gripping the steering wheel of his Grandpa's truck pretty tightly! As per usual, my blog entries seem to be centred around Isaiah, but hopefully one day I'll write about other things too - it's just that he's pretty much our lives right now! So, stay tuned for what he's up to next!

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