Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How Quickly I Forgot...

...just how much work teaching is. Yes, I am well aware that we get summer holidays, 2 weeks at Christmas, March Break - all of it. But we really do a lot of work, if you didn't know. Rarely do I come home without marking or planning or some peculiar thing-to-do. In fact, I've not been blogging because my draw to the computer as of late has been to hunker down and get some school work done because, come fall, I predict I'll be rather busy juggling work and motherhood.

And so I've planned, in detail, two of three courses (though I did the worst thing possible and left the worst one until last - worst solely because I've never taught it and haven't got much to go on, so it will be the most work). I hope to get them all done eventually so that I have less to do when I return to work - as English already means a ridiculous but inevitable marking load... but if I can avoid having to plan lessons simultaneously, so much the better.

The challenge is that I've been trying to get this done whilst still being mom to Isaiah (hence the predicament come fall - I bow to all working moms, teachers or otherwise). And even more challenging is that recently Isaiah learned to crawl AND climb, and he refuses to stay in one spot and play with the toys I so carefully select. My little adventurous explorer doesn't exactly let me get much work done, so I've been trying to do so during nap times (which are roughly 20 minutes, 3 times a day... yes, no word of a lie) or after he goes to bed (so last night I was working until 1 a.m. and then up at 6:30 with him again).

And unfortunately Greg has been busy himself with work - overtime when he can and here at the house like a madman lately - so he can't exactly watch Isaiah either. Too bad Raider isn't so good a babysitter!

Anyhow, so I suppose I felt compelled to explain my absence, although I'm not entirely sure as to who or how many bother to read our blog! Hopefully some of you are! I'll be sure to post some pics next go, which will (cross your fingers) be sooner than later. For now, it's back to ENG 4C! Adieu.


Kelly said...

Keep up the good work at both teaching and being a mom! I can imagine that it is hard but both your students and Isaiah will be thankful for all that you do for them! Oh yeh - I read your blog and enjoy it! I talked to Aliesha last night and she is pregnant. We were again talking about getting together. I suggested we try going to Stratford for a play -you can get tickets for 20 bucks from the website, I think it is called play on. Let me know what you think and we should try to plan something... Talk to you soon, Kelly

Grandma Froggy said...

I check out your blog regularly, Natalie. Don't forget that I'm home looking for chores to keep me busy. Isaiah is welcome to spend a day in Arva while you get some work done. Take advantage of the opportunity before September!
XO Grandma