Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Okay, so this is not my final weekend before returning to school (though I have been in twice already, putting in two full days worth of work), but I cannot believe that I return in such short time. I only have one last week at home with Isaiah, then the Labour day long weekend... and then it's back to the grindstone. I have put in a ton of work over the summer, so I'm hoping to reap the benefits of working so hard. And yet I still have so much to do for the first day! Five years in and I can't say it gets much easier.

Ahh, reality. But I'm definitely excited to know that I'll be home again in five months, even if it means I'll be doubly busy compared to now! And next September will feel strange, as my usual routine of getting ready for the school year will not happen. I'll be home on that first day after Labour Day! But not this year! It's back to work in 9 days...

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wowzers...feel like school just crept up again, not that it's an event in this household yet...but next year ...AHHH!!!

Just wanted to let you know my Dr. moved up my due date to Jan 28th. I'm not sure that it even matters as far as delivery goes, butI thought, awww, at least I'm closer to Natalies!!! Was yours the 25th?? I knew it was in the 20's somewhere...but I've forgotten exactly.

Hope you're keeping well with the hectic schedule, take care and chat soon!