Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Facebook Addiction

So, thanks to my friends - Kylie, Judith & Leanne G. in particular - I finally jumped on the Facebook bandwagon... which is so addictive. I've been spending time today making photo albums and writing on people's walls. I can see how this may serve as serious procrastination of school stuff when I return to work. Though I must admit, it's far more appealing than housework (which needs to be done too, but I much prefer exploring the many aspects of Facebook). Anyhow, it was fun too because I started searching through our picture files and got to reminisce.

Now if only I could juggle a few more balls - I'd really like to try to get some scrapbooking done, as horrid as I am and lacking of creativity as I tend to be, and I'd like to spend far more time making new meals, among other things. Yesterday, however, I must admit I got busy putting together my son's toy box, sans husband I might add, though he's also got some shelves that need to be put up (I'd have done that myself as well, but Greg sleeps in the day when he's on nights).

Anyhow, I suppose since I spent quite some time online this afternoon I really should take advantage of Isaiah's nap and get some more practical things done. But I didn't want to ignore blogging either, though I foresee duplication between this and Facebook in certain ways, that's for sure.

A'ight, so I'm checking out for now!



Hey Nat,

One more fun thing to do...I've tagged you for a meme, check out my blog for details :)

Kelly said...

Hey Nat,
Totally addicted too! I also tagged you for a meme, check out my blog as well. I wasnt sure what a meme was a first, in case you dont know, it is like a those fill in the blank thingy's about yourself, and this one is about why you like blogging
talk to you soon!