Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Novel Rave

Okay, so I attempted to do this in the reverse order and make some clever segue from the title of the novel below to this subject, but uploading the images did not agree with my original plans, so we'll have to work backwards... which is cause for confusion at the beginning of a blog when I start it this way!

Anyhow, this would be our house... back during construction stage... as I realize few of you who may check out this blog will yet to have seen it. I've unfortunately not got a better picture to load simply because it's so darn cold outside these days that I venture out solely when absolutely necessary! So, perhaps I'll update the photo soon, particularly since our house looks far nicer than this - it's actually fully bricked (imagine that!) and the snow drifts piled up add a certain touch of beauty, considering we've still that mucky clay terrain underneath which I can't wait to see again come spring! Onto where I wanted to begin this blog...

I must take a moment to rave about a novel I've begun reading, The Birth House. My mom gave it to me during my pregnancy, but what with the move and the chaos of new mom-ship, I hadn't yet cracked the spine (my colleague Allison would not approve, but I've turned into a spine cracker as I've had to master the reading-while-nursing-at-3:30-a.m. technique). Well, now that I have I must say it's actually a pretty fantastic read thus far. I'm generally fairly easily hooked, for some reason, to genuine Canadian literature above all else, but I also need to like the storyline and style of writing to keep with it. Point being, my brief rave here is simply to say check it out if you like, should you be an avid reader who might like to see what it's about! I won't give the details, you can see for yourself!

Well, Fussy McFusserson (otherwise known as our darling Isaiah, but who today has been a little cranky - must be because football is now over so his Sunday routine has been disturbed) is waking up from his cat nap. So, I'd best attend to him and think about putting dinner together as well (yes, I have been making an honest attempt to assemble meals since becoming a mom... I'd like a gold star please). For those of you who know my cooking challenged ways or who have ever had to suffer through my dinners but were too polite to say how rotten they really were, you know this is a big step! So, until next time...

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