Friday, February 16, 2007

Any Suggestions?

Okay, so I flew through that last read... I'll be glad when night nursing sessions are over with, but for now reading beats trying to find something decent to watch on t.v.! So, I'm looking for any suggestions for a new book to pick up as I've exhausted my small stash of literature that was in my bedside table drawer. I've a ton of novels still packed, but without an office any longer (yes, even though we upgraded houses, I lost that room) they'll likely not see the light of day for some time. If anyone has recently had a good read and might recommend me something they liked, I might pick it up! Looking forward to finding myself engaged in a new story soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

I always love a read that's been picked by Oprah's book club...perhaps you've read them all, I haven't been able to read in a while... I guess I could read before the kiddies go to bed, but I'm usually looking for something a little less, American Idol... :)

I've heard 'The red Tent' is a good read, and I know 'East of Eden' by John Steinbeck is one of my faves...

Currently our favourite authors include Robert Munsch and Eric

Anonymous said...

Hey, Natalie, did you talk to Leanne about The Red Tent? If not, then that's quite a coincidence. It's a very good book. An interesting perspective on the lives of women in the Old Testament. Hope you enjoy it.