Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking all Donations

So, thanks to my uncle we've now got a flower bed in the front of our house - baby steps. We've procured some hostas split from my mom's to plant at some point, but that's about it thus far... so just thought I'd post a bulletin that we're accepting all plant donations should you have an overgrown bed or two! Seriously, the bed is sad - it's a shallow bed of dirt thus far and three hostas ain't going to do much!

Oh, and while on the subject of plant donations, I've two other things to mention. This year I'm participating in the Relay for Life in Strathroy on June 6th. I would greatly appreciate for people to support me in doing this, so should you be willing and able to donate some money, please let me know. We're supposed to raise a minimum of $100 but on average an individual raises $225.

And secondly, I've been trying to scrounge for milk crates - the plastic kind I used to store all my clothes in at camp - as I'm hoping in the near future to clean up my office stuff downstairs. Milk crates are the perfect size to store and stack my many binders of course material and resources. Dad, I'm sure you must have some somewhere?! Anyone else? I'd like to avoid purchasing them from Staples but I'm not so keen on swiping them from behind Tim Hortons either.

Geez, I don't ask for much, do I? I think I'm going to challenge myself to give three things in return for the three I'm asking for...

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