Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Boys

So it's funny... if you ask me what I'd like the third child (and no, I'm not pregnant yet) to be, I'll say without hesitation that I'd like a girl, ideally. I'm dying to buy pink (so I'm very glad, Kelly, you had a girl... because a little pink is headed your way!), and I'm anxious to have a mother-daughter relationship of my own. But I must say that my two boys are the best two boys a mother could ask for. We have our moments - usually when Isaiah is "trying," pushing the limits, and Braylon is asking to eat far too soon after his last meal - but we have countless loving moments in between.

Isaiah, if you've never met him, is a ham. Take today - Greg tripped over his lawn mower (we may have a million toys in our living room, so simply walking through is at times a challenge) and Isaiah immediately made fun of him. He's always trying to steal the attention and he's got a laugh that'll melt your heart (that, and the piercing blue eyes are going to get him into some serious trouble, I'm sure). Braylon is equally funny - cooing, squeeling and grinning if you give him an ounce of attention. He may in fact be talking long before Isaiah slips out a sentence (for now, everything is a ball). They are my pride and joy.

And so I'm very grateful to have a year at home with them (and then, fortunately, two months not long after as I return for second semester next year). And it also reminds me how astonished I am at those who choose not to have children. It is such an amazing gift. I'll save the sappy sentiment reflected with my Grade 11 students in the last few days of teaching in January, but I feel so very blessed to be a mom.

Mom duties call, though, and take precedence over blogging (which is why I so rarely find time to enter something these days), so adieu.

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