Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blatant Disregard of Parking Perk

Although ideally I should lodge a complaint via an editorial in the London Free Press, I think for now I'll rant my annoyance via my blog. So without further adieu, here's what I think one particular London-nite:

To the man who took advantage of premium parking at the mall, even though he was not with child;

Just because you had a car seat in the back of your car, that does not entitle you to the "Expectant Mothers and Parents with Infants" parking spots at the mall. Your ignorance is intolerable. Those of us with young children such as I - 2 under two, in fact - really do need those designated parking spots to load and unload our children. You stealthily snuck into the last reserved location today and I watched as you surveyed for witnesses who might notice you did not have a child with you. You did not see me, but I noticed you. I saw you. I watched you wait in your car until the coast was clear (not so clear afterall, though, eh?) and then quickly walk into the mall (emphasis on the walk - you could physically tolerate parking further down the row, that I know). Instead, you clearly disregarded the purpose of those spaces so you could park in a prime location, as close to the mall door as possible. It is true you are not alone in doing so, I well know others are guilty culprits of this violation, but your action is rude and wrong. And you were caught in the act. I hope you know how much you put us - expectant mothers and parents WITH infants - out by swiping one of the few spaces made available. Next time don't be surprised if a black Equinox is blocking you in.

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Oh Nat, well said. Please send that to the free press....this has happened too many times.