Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So for some strange reason, we never seem to beat "the bug" around here. Just as soon as one of us gets over a cold, up flares another. On top of that, Isaiah recently sprouted two new teeth, his first molars, so we have been dealing with a cranky child with an intense diaper rash. All of this we have taken in stride, but the latest bout of illness has affected Braylon in that he was too congested to pass his hearing screening today. He passed the first stage, but then he had to receive a "refer result" because he did not "pass" the next two. So of course I became immediately concerned: can my son hear? What's wrong? She reassured me it is likely due to his congestion (poor thing, he has been coughing and sneezing horrendously for the past few days) and other factors may have interfered as well. I'm still, two hours later, feeling slightly apprehensive regarding it all. You just expect your children to be healthy and "normal" and when something goes wrong you start to wonder.

Other than that, things are relatively same old around here. My mom's side of the family got together on the weekend, something we've not done in a very long time (approximately one year since the passing of my grandfather). It was nice to see everyone and spend some time catching up. Isaiah loved being able to play with his cousins, too. We've been immersed in shower season as well - as friends and family are soon to be married or welcoming new additions to their families. We're anxiously awaiting the boys' first cousin - another boy - who is expected to arrive at the end of the month. And we're trying to enjoy the glimpses of spring too; we've managed to take the boys and Raider for a walk every day, save for a few (such as the day we woke up to snow, again... welcome to Southwestern Ontario where it can be 18 degrees one day and -1 the next). And I think I may just head out to enjoy the sunshine right now!

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