Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ski Trip to Panorama, BC

First of all, thank you to our cousin Richard who invited us on our very first, hopefully of many to come, ski trips. We flew out to Calgary mid-March and on through to Panorama Mountain Village to join him and his fiancee, among others, to ski the Purcells. It was our first time out west as well, and I most definitely understand why so many who head out that way have stayed. BC, though far more expensive for gas and groceries and such, is gorgeous... and mild! Thankfully, though we had no new powder to ski on, the mountain retained some snow on the runs because driving in through Radium the ground was bone dry.
So neither of us are professional skiiers by any means (though Greg thinks he's a shoe-in for the downhill Olympic team for Portugal after his week on the slopes) but we had a great time. I'd not skiied in years, nor had Greg (though I didn't have to come down off the first chair on all fours, Greg!). By mid-week we'd both made it to the top of the mountain (though chose not to attempt black diamond runs from there; instead we took a run called "Get Me Down"), as well as had "clean" days (no falls) - a long way from our first day stumbling down the green runs. Definitely a long way from the Byron bump I'm used to! Obviously!
And Braylon had a "first" that Isaiah has yet to have - a plane ride. We left big brother Isaiah home to vacation with all of his grandparents (again, thank you). So Braylon had his first one-on-one time with mommy and daddy as well. I must say he's a pretty darn good baby; though fussier than was Isaiah, he's content for the most part. He was actually quite sick during our week in BC - coughing and sneezing like crazy - and maintained a good demeanour regardless. He did a fantastic job of flying out - other passengers noted they'd not even known a baby was on the plane - and had other contenders for noise violations on the plane home as it was packed with kids (Easter weekend).
Anyhow, he must've known I was writing about him, as he woke from his nap... so back to my weekend with the boys!

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