Monday, March 10, 2008

I Should've Known...

...when I saw the onset of a runny nose, steadily dripping from my son's nose, that today would bring the debut performance of "Mommy, I'm Sick," starring Barking Cough, High Fever, Running Nose and best-of-all Grumpy Child. 24 hours and a few boxes of kleenex later, we're well into the "run" of a strong 'bout with an illness (for which I'm not yet willing to wait all evening in line at the after-hours clinic as I don't think we've quite reached full blown sickness). I must say it's nice to have a little boy so willing to cuddle, and though he woke up cranky at 6 a.m. this morning, he was coaxed back to sleep between us until 10 a.m., so I savoured a first sleep-in (though interrupted with spells of nursing Braylon, who also slept nicely for us) in some time! However, I've also today endured a stubborn child who would have nothing to do with food, even soup to make him feel better.

I hate when my kids are sick - I feel so helpless. And I really don't want to go rushing off to see the doctor when it's really just the common cold, yet I hate to see him suffer. Thankfully his spirits were lifted as his neighbour friends, Olivia and Bella, came to visit in the afternoon and played with him for some time. And he seemed to be a-okay to play (though he's being slightly sucky with daddy right now, which seemed to turn on immediately once his friends went home). I'm sure he'll kick this in a few days, but I just hope Braylon doesn't catch it as we'd like to try to travel with a healthy baby come the weekend!

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Grandma Froggy said...

I hope Isaiah is feeling much better today, Natalie. If you can avoid the germ, then Braylon should be OK. Need help? Call.