Friday, May 18, 2007

Catch-up Catch-all

Well, I've nothing truly fascinating to reveal in today's blog, but I wanted to post nonetheless as I've uploaded some new pics on the computer (Greg had to dig out the software for our camera again). Anyhow, so here I am. Isaiah is taking his afternoon nap (he's really falling into a routine, finally) and I thought it best I take advantage of some me time (which I guess is really you time, since I'm posting this for those of you who check out my blog). Wow, he's got impeccable timing - I just heard him start to fuss. Just when I started to praise his regularity...
Okay, he's now coming out of sleep mode perched on my lap, so we'll see how long I can type! We've been practicing sitting lately anyway, so it will be good for him. Too bad he also loves getting his hands on phones, remote controls and keyboards, so this could prove quite challenging! Anyhow, Isaiah turned six months on Monday and he's changing every day. He's now clearly responding to his name and various noises, moving as much as he can (though not yet crawling) and enjoying solids. I think his hair is finally starting to grow in too, but he still has a mohawk on the top (good thing that's in style). And, just in case you're dying to know, he's still not sleeping through the night (though doing better on the whole).
Our house is also ever changing... I believe I posted that we got sod, so I also finally took a picture of the house, even though the driveway is not yet finished (that's next year's project). There are still a few rooms I've yet to hang things on the walls in, but that's mostly because I really don't think it will stay the way it is right now for good. So bare walls it is. And we've done no landscaping as of yet, but hope to get a little colour in the front this weekend if the weather cooperates. We'll see, I definitely did not inherit my grandfather's green thumb. I know how to pull weeds, and that's about it.
So other than that, things are relatively low-key our way. We're getting ready for Isaiah's baptism in a week and a bit, and hoping to enjoy the few months before I return to work. I can't believe how quickly maternity (well parental, technically) leave flies by. No baby #2 quite yet, though, so this is our family for now (plus Raider of course, the biggest sucky baby of all!). Hopefully I'll have less of a generic post next time I return to the blogging world!

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