Monday, January 12, 2009


It seems life is much of a whirlwind - especially lately. Christmas came and went, our vacation to Mexico flew by, I've skated in another competition and been to a Raptors game live all in a matter of weeks. Sometimes I don't even get a moment to stop and relax. Take today, I'm on the go again, planning a first birthday party and trying to get some school planning done while the boys enjoy a day with their friends at my mother-in-law's daycare. And blogging, apparently. Since there's some soft guilt-stricken twinge in me at times that I'm supposed to be keeping up with this better than I do. But, like I said, life's busy.
Yes, I am well aware that I just went on a week vacation to Mexico, and that should have been relaxing. Which, in some ways, it was. We sat by the pool sipping fruity blended cocktails, true. But we were busy every day - doing excursions to Chitchen-Itza and Isla Mujeres, jumping waves in the ocean, sharing in a special wedding and celebrating New Years; it seemed as though there was always something to do. Vacation came and went, as vacations always do.
And upon return, after load after load of laundry and a semi-decent house cleaning, I attempted to begin planning courses and prepping school work before I was off again to skate in a competition in Mississauga, then back to Toronto to watch a Raptors game yesterday. So it feels as though I need a moment to just stop and breathe. I guess that's what Wednesday night yoga class is for because I've a long to-do list and little time to accomplish it. Did I mention I return to work in just over a week?

I'm slightly envious of Janice and Stacey - Janice still has a few months left of her mat. leave and Stacey starts her second in 3 months or so. I've really grown accustomed to the life of a stay-at-home mom, and I'm not entirely looking forward to returning to work. Who is? Ideally, I'd like to stay at home until all my children (I'm hoping to eventually have a third) are in school and then return to teaching, but unfortunately that is not possible in my profession. Greg is supportive of the idea, but we live a two-income life and I'm not entirely certain we'd be willing to make the necessary cuts for me to stay at home. Besides the fact that returning to teach in Thames Valley wouldn't happen if I were to leave. So then what?

Anyhow, I've got to keep working because the urge to procrastinate is still fairly strong. So adieu for this afternoon...

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