Monday, January 19, 2009


...I'll return to work, and no longer be home every day with my boys. The clock is ticking down, my time as a stay-at-home mom is coming to an end. Granted we're planning to have a third, so I'll once again be home on maternity leave for another year at some point. But this mat. leave is quickly coming to a close and I'm back to driving, working, marking... Ideally I'd love to be home until they're in school, like I've mentioned time and time again. Though I have to be fortunate for what we are afforded here in Ontario. We do have a year to spend raising our own children.

It's pretty sad when I got emotional that this morning was my last morning grocery trip with the boys (not that I do groceries every Monday morning, but I've definitely taken advantage of the crowd-free times). It's more that I'm going to miss the little moments throughout the day.

Or Braylon's first steps. I've been anxiously awaiting him to let go and walk, which he's apt to do any second were he to muster the confidence, but I'm thinking I may now miss that stage. I know, no biggie if I look at the big picture, but I thought I'd witness the first steps and the teeth erupting from the gums too, of all things.

So, it's a few days left with the boys... dancing and singing to Raffi, building Lego towers for a minute or two before moving on to something else, marching animals up the mommy-leg hill, racing cars from one end of the couch to another. I hate to say it, since I'm just beginning work again, but I am looking forward to summer holidays already! Hmm... maybe my first day back to work will be a snow day?! Afterall, it did snow in Strath ALL day today (and it still is!). Keep your fingers crossed!



Nat, I'll be thinking of you, that has got to be difficult. Perhaps by the time your third comes along, the government will have changed the mat leave to a year and a half like they were suggesting they would do :)

Kelly said...

I feel your pain... I too would love to be at home full time. At least you got to enjoy the full year at home and you have such wonderful memories from that. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to be home soon again! Good luck at work, I know it will be hard.